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Livestock Management Services


EXSELL and V-Net (Veterinarian Network) have joined forces to present the first ever national herd health status database, V-Plan. V-Plan is a platform on which all herds are registered and maintained based on their health management practices and health status. V-Plan also serves as a platform for marketing animals from disease- free herds. This gives reassurance to prospective buyers that there are no notifiable diseases present in the herds and that all preventive disease measures are adhered to. The platform was designed and developed by Veterinary Network (V-Net). The management and administrative responsibilities are coordinated by EXSELL Livestock Services.

International Electronic Livestock Auctions

EXSELL and ALFA have joined forces in facilitating and presenting the EMSEM Genetic Material Auction. EMSEM is an ongoing, silent auction of livestock genetic material including embryos and semen. This online auction takes place regularly.

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Special Events

EXSELL offers various value adding events and opportnities during shows and auctions through associate Specialist Service Providers. This includes – farm and herd tours, livestock education, business lounge facilities, livestock and agri-related data collection and livestock in-transit insurance.