What is V-Plan?

V-Plan is a platform on which health management practices and the health status of all herds is registered and maintained. The platform was designed and developed by Veterinary Network (V-Net). The management and administrative responsibilities are coordinated by EXSELL Livestock Services.


Due to genetic improvement and herd performance, South African cattle herds are regarded as among the best in the world. Unfortunately, this achievement is being hampered by the unreliable National Disease Control System’s inability to fight and eradicate diseases such as for example Brucellosis. The purpose of V-Plan is to identify and register the herds that follow a well-planned disease prevention plan and are free of specific infectious diseases.


The aim is to identify and register herds of all breeds where the herd health status of specific diseases such as Brucellosis, Tuberculosis and Trichomoniasis is known. The herd status will then be used by these breeders to differentiate their herds within the industry when trading, whether buying or selling, animals.

Vision and Benefits

V-Plan’s vision is to improve disease control and participate in eradicating state-controlled infectious diseases. The support of interest groups, breeders and leaders in the livestock sector is significant. Through collaboration, there is good reason to believe that the benefits of proper disease control planning in disease prevention, and disease-free herds, is feasible. The financial benefits of these verified healthy herds with known verified status is indisputably clear.

V-Plan Members in South Africa

  • 35 Herds from 9 different breeds is processed on the V-Plan platform and registered as health-satisfying.
  • These herds employ a designated veterinarian who makes a minimum of two visits per year to the herd.
  • They follow a disease prevention plan that is designed and reviewed annually by the veterinarian.
  • They follow a diagnostic plan, which determines the herd’s health status. Accept an annual herd audit and record-keeping.

Herd Status and Requirements